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The best deals on car rental in Nairobi.

Whether planning a business trip in Nairobi or looking for a self-drive car rental across Kenya, Smart Rentals is here to ease your car rental worries.  You can pick one of Smart Rentals’ car rental options to maneuver through traffic as you head from one business meeting to another.

How much long term car rental deals in Nairobi?

With Smart Rentals, you can rent a car at a time convenient. Apart from a daily rate starting at just US$30 daily, Smart Rentals also offer monthly car rental services. In addition, you can choose monthly car rental packages, unlimited mileage, or even get a brand-new car from Smart Rentals by simply leasing quarterly rates for the rest of the year.

rental sedan car for hire Kenya

Popular car rental locations in Nairobi

If you are in Nairobi for the first time, the sedan is a luxury saloon car to consider for your private business in Kenya. We know you want a long-term rental,  Nairobi Airport, a quick and easy car rental process, and a high-quality Self-drive car in Kenya. On the other hand, the SUV is a rav4 or Prado, a prevalent car type in Nairobi. Most rental cars in Nairobi agencies can provide both vehicles, while Smart Rentals will provide many car types for hire in Nairobi.

Safari Land cruiser 4wd

Rent a car in Nairobi car deals.

This vehicle is the best 4×4 land cruiser vehicle for safari. Another 4wd for Nairobi to consider is the 4×4 safari land cruiser for car rentals. These include a Land rover defender 4×4, a  land cruiser with seven seats, a Land Rover Discovery, or the Safari van with eight seats. All these Kenya 4×4 safari land cruisers are available for hire.

Nairobi car rental information

Several car rental companies are willing to rent a car independently. However, drivers are available on request.

There are advantages:

  • Freedom to drive your car rental at any time
  • Privacy on your travel movements
  • No driver hire cost.


  • Though GPS is everywhere, some Kenyan roads must be added to the map.
  • No problem with the parking
  • The driver knows well where safe or not safe.

You can safely self-drive a car in Kenya with all the pros and cons.

Kenya car rental in Nairobi

When you choose a vehicle in Nairobi with Smart Rentals, you can enjoy the following:

  • Flexible Car Rentals – Daily rates, weekly, monthly, or quarterly.
  • Several Options – Choose from our wide range of off-road cars to luxury cars, SUV rental, and economy car rental; Sedan, Toyota Rav4, Land Cruiser, Land Rover, and Range Rover car rental in Nairobi.
  • All-Inclusive rates – Smart rentals provide an all-inclusive rate so you can drive from one city to another without worries.
  • 4X4 Land Cruiser – We offer Land Cruisers to safari with our experience drives

Cheap vehicle rental locations deals in Nairobi

Smart Rentals has a fleet of rental car deals ranging from compact cars to standard sedans and 4×4 SUVs. In addition, you can hire a Rav4, Land Rover, Range Rover, Land Cruiser, Vanguard, Luxury rental Haria, medium Rental, rent a luxury cheapest prices car, rent a van, rent a small saloon sedan, rent a large land cruiser v8, rent an SUV, rent a medium 4wd and many other car models that suit your requirement. Our location in the big cities is very convenient.

Today, you can rent a self-driving car from Smart Rentals in Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, Nakuru, Thika, Kiambu, and Naivasha, Kenya. Note the average gas price in Nairobi and Mombasa.

Rental car in Nairobi Toyota Prado

To find several cars to rent in Nairobi, follow these steps:

  • First, please fill out our online and book your Nairobi rental car.
  • Then, choose your favorite vehicle to suit your budget and indicate the arrival date at Nairobi Airport.
  • We will provide free airport transfer from Jomo Kenyatta Intl Airport Nairobi.
  • Enjoy Smart Rental hire services deals with an average price.
  • No minimum age to rent a car
  • If you have an additional day, call us in advance to compare cars to suit your requirements.
  • Payment on arrival in Nairobi without hassle

Smart Rentals has made car rental in Kenya easy and enjoyable.

We are making a trip to Nairobi. Can we have a van rental?

To provide first-timers with the best car rental information and the cheapest Nairobi rates for cars in the car rental industry. Our reliable vehicle hire services and good vehicles are only a few reasons that make our Car rental in Nairobi different from other car rental agencies. The last thing everyone will hate is to keep searching for rental cars at the Airport. We have competitive rental rates in Nairobi. The daily rates are as follows; Van rental in Nairobi is US$150, rent a car Sedan is US$30, and car rental in Nairobi Land Rover is US$180. All these car rental locations are in Nairobi.

Any car rental deals found in Kenya?

Many companies provide several rental deals, but not all cars are the best. The free cancellation is to be considered in case of an emergency. Every rental car company should make it clear on all the policies. Find the best rental car prices and services in Nairobi and compare car rental prices. The rav4 is a small but strong SUV that can conquer off-road. There are thousands of car rental companies in Nairobi.

Our car hire Core Values

We deliver to your door.

Car hire companies near Nairobi

Toyota Rav4 for hire in Kenya
Rav4 in Kenya for hire

Car rental companies will charge you extras if you do not return the vehicle on time. You will sign a vehicle hire agreement which confirms the time to return the car. For long-term car rental, timing can be confusing before returning their vehicle.
Be careful if you are getting late to return the car, call the company to give you gracing time. But with Smart Rentals, you automatically qualify for two hours of gracing time and, even more time if you have a good reason.

Cheapest time to rent a vehicle


It can be challenging if you are planning to hire a car in Nairobi, Kenya, for the first time, considering many cars hire companies. However, with, you are in safe hands. The vehicle hire company is with you, from meeting at Nairobi Airport to escort you to your hotel or apartment.

Cheapest car types in Nairobi

Every car rental Nairobi agency in Kenya has a set of different prices. Depend on the car type and the destination. Your car type will depend on your goal; for most visitors renting a car in Kenya, Rav4 is the preferred car 4wd vehicle. In Nairobi, you choose from our Nairobi luxury cars, Small SUVs, big Suv, Nairobi medium cars, Nairobi large rental cars, Nairobi SUV rentals, Nairobi vans, and Nairobi small rentals.

Car Rentals Kenya Land rover 4wd
Jeep 4wd

SUV Cheap car rental in Nairobi

Cheap sometimes means expensive. The term reasonable in the vehicle rental industry can mean unroadworthy. Beware when you use the word cheap when needing a car rental. Navigating Kenyan roads can be complicated, mainly in rural areas. Therefore, buying a local sim card and data bundles to access your phone’s GPS is advisable. Car rental in Nairobi, Kenya, is willing to rent a GPS if your mobile will not work. In addition to that, hire a car for your destination, not just cheap.

Find cheap car companies in Nairobi.

Booking a car rental in Nairobi is more challenging than buying an international air ticket, especially if renting for the first time. According to our data, if you land in a good hire Company, you will have a smooth transaction from the time of the inquiry to pick up from the Airport. However, not all online companies can provide what you need. If there is a reservation fee, pay a 10% deposit balance to pay on arrival as you see your rental car. Others nearby said if you are not careful, you hire a car with many restrictions. Book a car with Smart Rentals, and you are guaranteed you will get the vehicle you requested.