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What is the best 4x4 car hire in Kenya deals?

Our car hire company is a collective of unique modern cars striving to give the best rentals in Kenya. We have the best deal 4×4 at US$65/day, range rover at US$170, land rover at US$180, TOYOTA MARK X at 70, 4×4 Toyota land cruiser hard top US$250, land cruiser with rooftop tent US$190, Toyota Noah US$70, Toyota Rav4, budget, and luxury cars.

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Before getting a self drive safari car, what must I know?

Kenya is in East Africa and home to over 50 million citizens and non-citizens. Nairobi, the capital city, is a city that seems not to sleep. The country can experience a scorching climate. However, driving around allows you to explore this beautiful country with freedom.

The advice from our reservation desk:

  • At several points in Kenya, some criminals stand to warn you of oil coming out of your car, do not stop, proceed.
  • If you happen to stop, they will pour oil down and convince you that the vehicle is faulty; please do not stop.
  • Check if the car is mechanically ok.
  • Take a photo of the vehicle from scratches.
  • Kenya is a developing country, and criminals will try to trick you always; please do not entertain strangers.
  • If you need to ask, enter a fueling station, you are safer there.
  • Make sure the vehicle is locked when packed or driving.
  • Pay the parking fee to avoid paying more.

How safe is it to hire in Nairobi, Kenya?

Kenya is considered safe to rent a car compared to other African countries; however, safety, like many other developed countries in the world, is not exceptional thus:

  • Keep the car door and windows locked at all times.
  • Do not leave valuables in the car.
  • Ignore people standing along the highways trying to stop you
  • When the vehicle is parked in town, pay the town council fee.

Before hiring a car, what do I need to know?

Planning to rent a car in Kenya? Bring the following:

  1. A valid driving license
  2. Valid credit card or another payment type (cash: shillings, euros, dollars, etc.)
  3. Proof of Identity (valid passport, ID card)

Is there a self-drive car rental in Nairobi?

Yes, you can hire a car, a sedan, 4WD Rav4, a land cruiser, and a 4×4 SUV, which you can drive throughout Kenya. Smart budget car hires Nairobi car rental offers new brands of vehicles which we book for you online at a reasonable offer. In addition, we have sedans, small SUVs, and more.

How much does self driving car hire cost?

  1. Economy car – Sedan from US$30 or Ksh.3500 per day
  2. Compact car – Sedan from US$40 0r Kshs.4500 per day
  3. Standard car – from Small SUV US$60 or Kshs.7000 per day
  4. Classic car – Big SUV US$140 or Kshs.15000 per day

Nairobi Car Hire services.

Some companies have Nairobi Airport desk; if they still need to, they will deliver the car on arrival. Some companies offer 4×4 vehicles only while others provide sedans, but you can get your preferred car hire with Smart car hire.

To rent a car in Nairobi costs how much?

Though car hire prices differ depending on companies, a Rav4 will cost US$65 daily.

I am looking for Rav4 car hire information.

Though prices differ depending on companies, a Rav4 will cost US$65 daily.

Can I hire a Toyota Prado in Kenya with a driver?

All rental companies in Kenya provide private drivers with extra charges of US$20 per day around Nairobi and US$ 35 out of Nairobi.

Transfers from Nairobi Airport.

  1. To and From Nairobi Airport to Nairobi National Park from US$80 per person two pax US$60
  2. To and from Nairobi Airport to Maasai Park from US$500 per person, two pax US$250 per person

Excludes entrance fee in the park US$43 Nairobi Park US80 Masai Mara

Book a car hire in Nairobi.

Smart Rentals is a trusted car rental service provider. So book your car with us and enjoy the inclusions we give our clients. You can quickly move around Kenya’s cities and the outskirts with a car hire. Kenya is a safe country though being a developing country, it has all the challenges accompanying any developing country. So we advise you before the start of your self-driving car; if you need a driver escort, a baby nanny, a GPRS, or a baby seat, book in advance to avoid disappointments.

Need a short term car rental?

4x4 rav4 for hire in Kenya
Rent a rav4

Smart Rentals will offer you the best deals. A 4×4 car rental 4X4 AT us$65/DAY

Can I pick up my car at Nairobi Airport?

Once you book your car, the driver of the Smart rental will deliver the vehicle at the airport and drop you and your vehicle at a hotel or apartment in Nairobi.

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Rent a car

Can I get a Nairobi airport transfer?

All client who books a car with Smart Rentals is a VIP. So you will enjoy free pick-up from the airport to your destination near Nairobi. But if you only need a transfer, we charge US$30 sedan, US$50 mini-van, and US$80 big van.

Transfer from Nairobi Airport to National parks

visit Nairobi Park
Nairobi tours

Nairobi tours

  • If you want to visit Nairobi National Park from Airport, it is only 10 miles from Nairobi Airport. However, it will take four hours inside the park. The park is home to much wildlife in the national parks; only the elephant is absent.
  • If you have booked your flight from Nairobi to Masai Mara National Park and have yet to book your safari in the park, Smart Rentals are here to help. Also, if your lodge booking includes the lodge but does not include the transfer to the park, we are here to help. Click our booking button, and you will get an answer to your transfer within two hours.
  •  Whether you want to explore Kenya safari in Tsavo national park, Mount Kenya, or Lake Nakuru self-drive safaris, Smart Rentals is one car rental company.
  • When taking a car from us, you are sure everything is confirmed and your vehicle is ready.
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4WD vehicle Hire a Jeep in Kenya 

Off-road car rental deals

The car rental experts await your call for advice on your ideal car.

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