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With Smart Rentals, you can rent a car in Kenya Self-drive Sedan, hire a 4×4 in Nairobi, Rav4, or a Jeep for hire 4wd in Kenya and deliver it to your doorstep.

Can a rental car be delivered to the Airport?

You can hire a 4×4 in Kenya self-drive, Rav4, Jeep, or Land-cruiser Prado.
When you rent a car with Smart Rentals, we will deliver the vehicle to the Airport or any other place convenient and return it to your doorstep. We do Airport, hotel, and home delivery for your suitable.

Where are cheap car rentals in Kenya located?

The car rental Kenya locations are in Nairobi, Mombasa, Malindi, and around the city. Depending on the destination, driving on Kenyan roads can be challenging. Therefore, it is essential to check if the quality of the streets meets your requirements.
Driving inside Masai Mara, Amboseli national park, and Tsavo needs a reliable off-road vehicle. Smart Rentals have a variety of cars. But first, find the best SUV rental and average price from the best car company.

Kenya is considered safe to rent a car compared to other African countries; however, safety like many other developed countries in the world, Kenya is not exceptional thus:

  • Keep the door and windows locked at all times.
  • Do not leave valuables in the car.
  • Ignore people standing along the highways trying to stop you
  • When the vehicle is parked in town, pay the town council fee.

How are the gas prices across Kenya?

Gas differs per gallon from diesel to petrol, so to be guaranteed a car from one of our locations, it is advisable to book in advance. Last-minute booking of your preferred vehicle may not be available.

What do I need to book a rental car in Kenya?

If you are planning to rent a self-drive car in Kenya, bring the following:

  • A valid driving license
  • Valid credit card or another payment type (cash: Kenya shillings, euros, dollars, etc.)
  • Proof of Identity (valid passport, Kenyan ID)

What are the Kenya car rental prices?

  1. Rent a small Sedan – from  US$30 or Ksh.3500 per day
  2. Rent a large Sedan –  from US$40 0r Kshs.4500 per day
  3. Rent a luxury Rav4 – from  US$60 or Kshs.7500 per day
  4. Rent a medium SUV – from  US$80 or Kshs.8500 per day.
  5.  Luxury rentals have a wide variety of cars.

What are the rental deals?

City and Airport delivery 

2 Wide variety of self-drive vehicles

3 Highly competitive prices

4 Rates include taxes

5 All additional costs are specified

6 No hidden extras

Where is the car rental directory across cities in Kenya?

Find car rentals in Kenya for the rest of the year. For long-term car rental rates, the best prices for car van rental. Make sure you know the roads’ quality before choosing your best car rental.

What is the cheapest time to rent different car types?

A popular rental car which is cheap includes luxury car, medium rental, and small rental.

What are the popular car rental agencies?

Land Cruiser Prado for hire Kenya 4x4

Who knows Kenya than Kenyans themselves? Self-drive car in Kenya or car and a private driver for hire in Nairobi with Smart Rentals Kenya. Drive around Kenya at your convenient time and avoid taxes disappointments and costs.

Where are the car rental locations in Kenya?

When you arrive at the Airport, smart rentals will meet you. They provide Free Airport delivery and a driver to escort you to your Nairobi town destination. Smart rentals will guide you through every step of your booking.

Kenya car rental deals found at the Airport?

Smart rentals come in handy by meeting you at the Airport, while a Smart driver will escort you to your destination in the city.

Where to find the best deals for car hire services?

The cheapest rental car company in Kenya is quite challenging, but in Smart Rentals, the rental experts will advise on the best car.

Where are car rental deals in Kenya for safari?

Kenya van to Lake Nakuru and Masai Mara 4×4 compare deals and search for rental cars.