The best car hire in Kenya, Nairobi 4x4, rent a car at US$65/ day.

Are you looking for car hire in Kenya, Nairobi, 4x4?

Smart rentals Kenya offers the best 4×4 car hire in Kenya Nairobi rent a car at US$65 per day. Hire a car rental Kenya 4×4 to explore Kenya without restriction with Smart Rentals Kenya. Smart rentals offer the best deal on car hire in Kenya with Smart rentals. We have competitive rates from all leading Kenyan car hire companies to give you the best modern, reliable vehicles with the best prices.

How much is a car & driver in Nairobi?

Hiring a private driver is a good idea when you hire a car in Nairobi. Most drivers are paid a daily allowance of US$20, but to drive outside Nairobi will range from US$30 toUS$40 depending on where you will be going. Hire a car and driver in Nairobi private driver with Smart Rentals Kenya.

To rent a car in Kenya, what do I need?

o rent a car in Kenya, bring the following:

  1. A valid driving license
  2. Valid credit card or another payment type (cash: Kenya shillings, euros, dollars, etc.)
  3. Proof of Identity (valid passport, Kenyan ID)
Safari Land cruiser
Rent a 4x4 safari land cruiser
Land rover for hire Kenya
Car hire 4x4 in Kenya
4x4 rav4 for hire in Kenya
Rent a 4x4 rav4 in Kenya
Prado for hire Kenya
Prado Land cruiser 4x4

Need safari land cruiser in Nairobi

The 4×4 safari Land cruiser available:

  1. Land cruiser 4×4 with a driver US$210
  2. Land cruiser 4×4 with a driver and Fuel, US$240
  3. Land cruiser 4×4 with a driver, fuel & entrance fee of the vehicle US$250

NB: All our land cruisers 4×4 are chauffeur driven.


Relax as you hire your car in Kenya.

Relax; you have come to the right place. Smart rentals have been hiring cars for the last 20 years and will blow your head with their beautiful services. From your car hire booking to pick up at the airport, you will feel the personal attention anyone would die for, from what you need to hire a car in Kenya to the best cars available in Nairobi.
With a 4×4 SUV, 4×4 rav4, 4×4 land cruiser, van, 4×4 land rover, 4×4 jeep, or sedan car rental in Kenya, you will drive in Kenya with no restrictions.
The 4×4 are off-road and ideal for safaris in Kenya. We are ready to assist with the 4×4 ideal for your budget and destination. From small SUVs 4×4 TO BIG SUVs 4×4, the choices are many. The hardest part of a car hire choice is picking the car rental company that will give you the car rental you require. Smart rentals will listen to your preference and advice you on the best 4×4 ideal for your budget destination. The rental agreement is forwarded to you before arrival to understand what is ahead of you before arrival.

24 hours car hire is available in Nairobi and Mombasa

Our 24 hours car hire services are available from Nairobi airport to Mombasa airport; you only need a confirmed air ticket. You can pick up your 4×4 car hire at Nairobi airport and drop it at the same airport. Extra charges will incur if you prefer to drop the car rental at a different place.
Whether you are looking for an SUV 4wd, jeep 4wd, land cruiser 4×4, or sedan, Smart rentals are available 24 hours.

Can I hire a self-drive 4×4 in Kenya?

Smart rentals offer 4×4 for hire from small SUV 4wd, 4×4 Rav, 4×4 Xtrail, car hire 4×4 RV, 4X4 Suzuki, 4×4 Prado, 4wd range rover, 4×4 safari land cruiser, all these available for hire either with a driver or without a driver.

To hire a 4×4 in Kenya, how much?

Several types of 4×4, including small SUVs like Rav4, Jeep, and Land cruiser, differ in price. For 4×4 Rav4 from US$70, Prado 4wd, US$150, safari Landcruiser 4×4 US$240.

Can I hire a 4×4 in Nairobi airport?

We will deliver your preferred 4×4 car at Nairobi airport upon arrival.

Can I hire a 4×4 in Nairobi with a driver?

Smart rentals have special offers for vehicles with drivers. For example, several 4×4 are available to hire with a driver in Nairobi.

Can I hire a car in Nairobi and drop it in Mombasa?

Yes, it is possible with Smart rentals to hire a car in Nairobi and DROP IT in Mombasa with extra charges.

To hire a Jeep in Kenya, how much?

To hire a Jeep in Kenya will be US$80 per day, though for the long-term will be less.

To hire SUV in Kenya, how much?

To hire SUV in Kenya, a small SUV is US$70, and a big SUV is US$140; prices may change without prior notice.

To hire a 4×4 SUV in Kenya, does it come with a camping roof tent?

With special requests, it is possible to hire a 4×4 SUV with camping equipment or a roof tent.

Can I hire a campervan in Kenya?

Yes, it is possible to hire a campervan in Kenya; please get in touch with for more detail.

Need 4wd car with driver  in Nairobi

Toyota Rav4 for hire in Kenya

We provide a 4×4 Jeep, Rav4, Land cruiser, and land rover for hire with a driver. The driver allowance in Nairobi will be US$20 per day, and out of Nairobi, US$35 per day. All our drivers are trained and know Kenya well.

Is Rav4 Available for hire in Nairobi?

We have varieties of 4×4 rav4 cars for hire in Nairobi, including driver or without a driver, from US$65 per day.

Safari Land cruiser

Airport  transfer price

  1. To and From Nairobi airport to Nairobi National Park  from US$80 per person two pax US$60
  2. To and from Nairobi airport to Maasai Mara park from US$500 per person, two pax US$250 per person

Excludes entrance fee in the park US$43 Nairobi park US80 Masai Mara park

Car hire locations

Mombasa car rental Kenya
Nairobi car rental Kenya
airport car rental Kenya
Nakuru car rental Kenya
Kisumu car rental Kenya
Thika car rental Kenya
Eldoret car rental Kenya

Smart rentals come in handy by meeting you at the airport, while a Smart driver will escort you to your destination in the city.